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Onyx Database is the fastest open-source
NoSQL Database

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Onyx Database Development stack including database browser, local storage, off-heap cache, onyx-database.jar, your client application, and clustering.
Graphic of Onyx Database Browser

In-Memory NoSQL

Cache Manager
Easily save and query data from memory using Onyx Database Java libraries. Using Onyx Database is a simple and pure object-oriented experience.
Graphic of Onyx Embedded NoSQL Database

Embedded NoSQL

Local Storage
Store your data to a memory-mapped local storage device. You can interact with the NoSQL database using Onyx's easy to use lightweight Java ORM. The ORM is included with the core open source module.
Graphic of Onyx Remote Database Server

Remote NoSQL

Database Server
Securely save data to a remote server instance or in the cloud. When your data gets too large to manage with a singe database instance, you can create a cluster of self-managed, fault-tolerant database instances.
Graphic of Onyx Database Browser

Database Browser

Available with Commercial or Browser License
Use Onyx Database Browser to view data and write queries. The browser can let you view your model schema, add new records, and easily build programmatic queries.